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I am just confined to my room.

As if……

Certain pains have hugged me tightly,

And those pains are not letting me go….


I too want to free myself from their clutches.

As if……

Some unknown strength has hold me rigidly,

And that strength is not setting me free…..


What if……?

Had I forgotten you,

Life would have a different meaning.


But unfortunately……

I never moved on.

I had many choices,

But I chose to hold on.

I clinched to your memories,

As if…..

I have no alternative.


Though, I know …..

Things are not the same now,

Yet I keep on struggling to keep the things as they were yesterday.


I failed…..

And hopeless…

Yet I am living.

Perhaps, for an unknown cause!


Now, my only hope is…

YOU-the unknown.


YOU will surely come…

And YOU and only YOU will set me free …..

From the grasp of his cruel memories.

About the Author :-

Sukhdeep Kaur


M.A., M. Phil (English)  

Bio —- Sociable, interested in playing with signifiers and the signified, influenced by the feministic ideas of writer: Mahasweta Devi












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