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Winter is coming

Winter is coming,

Hail the hail


Falling snow and freezing temperature

Wildly blizzards and snowy caricatures


Momentary days

Forging translucent vistas

Fleeting nights, frightful skies

Damning the towered lights


Winter is coming

Hail the Hail


Sun is late,

Brawling with the fog

Rowdy blizzards

Acting like a glare’s clog


Blocked roads and grounded flights

Plants are struck with withering blights


Winter is coming

Hail the Hail


Snow blower comes

Shoveling snow out of their paths

People sit, clung tot their coziest quilts

Sipping sorted beverages, by the fireside


People shop

Thick apparels and the beer barrels

Skunks and squirrels will go soon

Forage for hibernation has begun


Winter is coming

Hail the Hail


Christmas is coming

Old, familiar carols will play

A voice, A chime

And the jingle bell rhyme


Hail the Hail

The Winter is coming.



h kaur

Hameeta Kaur Malhotra


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