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Why you bother about people?


Why you bother about people? Don’t be so soft hearted (Yrr tu loka di tension eni kyu lena, ena naram dil nhi hoida); Nobody will ask you dear (veere tenu kise ne nhi puchna) are the common phrases which a sensitive person hears usually. But who are sensitive? Sensitive people radiate traits of helpfulness, generosity and ‘A friend in need ia  a friend indeed’ .They stick with you even in your adverse times. But generally people do not recognize them. They are abandoned when their selfish motives have been fulfilled.


Bro! World is like this. No need to show pity on anyone. (Bai ji e duniya eda di hi hai, kise da bhala kran da zamaan nhi a ajj). Alone and desolated! Accusations are still casted on them. This causes excruciating pain to them and they curse themselves for lending a helping hand. But, My dear soft hearted friends. Your charismatic personality deserves a clap. You can sympathize and empathize deep pain and sorrow of people and stand by their side.God, has given you the vision and an ability to feel the pain one is going through and stand like the pillar with the person. If your feelings are not reciprocated don’t feel bad for yourselves as you are a person with a heart of gold and embrace every friend.


Undoubtedly, Sensitive ones are devalued and not in vogue. Don’t feel sorry for yourself people will someday realize that they lost a diamond while collecting coal. You are an angel on earth. So stay happy and make a difference.


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Ziart Priya Kaur Kaila

M.A. English,Writer, Traveler, Keen Reader and admirer of wit and sarcasm.


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