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Why Only P.U. ?


Why Only P.U. ?

I can recall a string of words which were once uttered by my friend. Those words fit into me like a hook into eye.
“Yaar P.U. de ta nazaare e vakhre ne.”
I was indifferent to the statement made by her because at that time I was being entertained by university’s favour. But today, when I am no longer a student of P.U., I become cognizant of the significance of those words.
Apart from the reason that P.U. has an excellent teaching staff, a very good library, and good mess service, there is something more that adds to its charm.
Freedom is the concern of the most of the people these days. Everyone wants to live a life of his/her own choice. P.U. provides the students that freedom……. freedom that consists of freedom of thought and freedom of action ……Freedom that does not mean indiscipline. The notions attached to hostel life — yr hostel to jail he, yr warden strict he, yrkahinaajaanhiskte— are shattered like anything when one steps into the hostels of P.U. .
The second acumen, that leads me to deduce that P.U. is the best place to live in, is
”the naughty Mundey and sohniaKudiyan”
These are the ones who keep on exchanging glances and commenting
“ohteribhabhi, womeribhabhi or
Oh terevaldekhreha/rhihai”
The “gedi-route”of P.U. has also made it a place of great hustle and bustle. Election system is the other thing that needs attention. Oh! So many handsome boys and young girls try to convince students to cast their precious votes to their parties. And one day before elections….. OMG! How should I describe it? It is like the day people celebrate Diwali.
Hmm… what next? Oh! How can one forget to mention the place where people accumulate a lot many memories. My readers know what I am taking about……. Our Stu-c.
“ Woaankho me aankhedaalkerdekhna,
Wo delicious food, that seems to be delicious only when friends khilaaye”
And, of course, one can’t forget the occasions celebrated there in a royal way— Holi, Diwali and huuuulaaaalaaaaa….Valentine’s day. Star nights……nights when one gets opportunity to meet high profiled personalities.
Though I am a student of Punjabi University now, but I miss each and every moment that I spent there with my friends in P.U. . Therefore, friends, enjoy as much as you can because we are powerless in front of our bygone. You people are fortunate enough that you are a part of the prestigious university- Panjab University.
Live life to the fullest.

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Sukhdeep Kaur

M.A., M. Phil (English)  

Bio —- Sociable, interested in playing with signifiers and the signified, influenced by the feministic ideas of writer: Mahasweta Devi


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