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Why do we Survive, and not; Live?



I don’t know how to commence.…. The perception of life and the understanding of its implications are always at variance. Some people apprehend life in the wake of philosophy, and others, in the light of theology. Why is there a need to turn to ontology and institution to discern the significance of life? Discourses are created and can be misinterpreted too. One is not obliged to believe what one is being served to him/her by the system. Everything is sold to us these days…. even the meanings….. . And now we are the part of post postmodern society…. We have lost the sense and essence of meaning. To put it in another way, the meaning of meaning has faded now.
I have never contemplated on the issue of life before. Today is the day when I was born. I am 23 now, and I don’t know where these 23 years have gone and what significant thing I have done apart from writing this article today.
Zindgi d bhaj nath ch pta e nhi lagya ke zindgi he ki cheez!!!
Life has, merely, squeezed into a series of complaints. Complaints have, in its panorama, the discontentment from everyone and everything around us not sparing even the supreme power. As a matter of fact, we are so much entangled in the complexities of life that we are afraid of asking questions to our inner self.
When will we live happily? I am not worried about getting the answer of such existential questions. They will come to me with experience. But I am overjoyed because I am in the quest of or I am aware of these doubts and questions.
What I can conclude is that ‘Life is a Bubble’. It will burst i.e. it has to meet its end one day. Then why should we only survive?? Why can’t we live our life blissfully?? Let us give our lives a meaning that ‘We want it to give, and not what others want us to give’.
“If you have to stop and ask yourself
“Am I Happy?”
You are not, because if you are,
You will feel it and know it”

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Sukhdeep Kaur

M.A., M. Phil (English)  

Bio —- Sociable, interested in playing with signifiers and the signified, influenced by the feministic ideas of writer: Mahasweta Devi

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