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When University goes without…Wifi

When University goes without…Wifi



A day with no Wifi seems like a long drawn out period to the students at Panjab University campus. Atmosphere goes tense and restless countenances are seen all through the floors at A.C. Joshi library and hostels.


Persistent complaints are lodged at reception ‘wifi kyu nhi chl rha’ (why is wifi not working), students are noticed gazing at modem to see how many lights were blinking saying ‘4 laitaa {lights}te wifi poora chlu’ ( 4 lights means wifi is working) and waving at each other to enquire ‘wifi chlda tuhada’ ( Is your wifi working?)


Wifi is an inescapable and addictive part of students at the campus. They log in as they wake in the morning and surf whole day on the different web engines. But the bitter truth is that Wifi is consumed more for entertainment rather than academic and scholastic purposes.


Still, it is an undeniable fact that Wifi has made our lives easier, uncomplicated and relaxed. It has in its gamut global accessibility, ease of communication and cost effectiveness. LONG LIVE THE WIFI!


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 Hameeta Kaur Malhotra,(M.A. English) ,An avid reader, Writer, Foodie,Lover of Literature and Linguistics and Sarcasm,Observant and Speculative


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