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University Love


The students in Panjab University arrive like migrating birds. Many of them start their career and miss their alma maters and others stay back with admission in parallel courses. The university love keeps people attached to it with the beautiful memories they make here.

The earlier scenario of the university depicts a different picture than today. Through the vox-populi of a few alumini of varsity, the joy of their days sparkled in their eyes. A professor in university who was also a student here said that their student life was more fun and happening than today. The fun of taking lifts, wearing fashion, modernity in thoughts than clothes and freedom they enjoyed was far broader. Today’s lifestyle of varsity is more regulated, closed, and disciplined. But anyhow, comparing to other varsities in area, I still vote for my university. Students with rough personalities turn out to be at their best with polished shoes and Tick-tock heels.

Further, the food in Hostels, Mess, Canteens, and Student center (yes foodies !) is amazing. I still remember the day when I came to Stu C before taking admission for my career and the food I had was one of the reasons to get admission here. I was allured towards the ambience in student centre where the youth and old people celebrate their time like a festival. Till now the visit to Stu C is a stress buster.

The strangers on first day initiating their friendship with ‘Hi’ leads it to next level like a life line to survive in university. The friendship norms in our university with ‘do or die’ spirit sustain the relationship for life time. Every person who enters this heaven has an angel friend to count on. Best people (yaaran de yaar), best facilities (anyhow criticism persist) and best thing is our campus (apni Vatican City). That’s my University, That’s our university. Let’s cheer to its’ glory !

And tell us about your experiences too, in the comments section. Thank You!



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