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Those Dark Moments



You left me somewhere in the darkness…

The darkness- which was destroying me.

The darkness- which was haunting me.


One day, when I contemplated on this darkness,

I realize…


It was not the “darkness” that was destroying me,

It was not the “darkness” that was haunting me…


It was my lack of understanding.


The obscurity of that darkness had its own radiation;

But, I was not able to see it.


Things were clear…

My mind was hazy.


Today, when I look back,

I can see through these gloomy moments…

I can feel the clarity of the Cimmerian shade of that gloom.

And, it made me…..

It made me what I am today-


Silent; but speaking through these words.

Patient; but the most agitated.


About the Poet :-

Sukhdeep Kaur


M.A., M. Phil (English)  

Bio —- Sociable, interested in playing with signifiers and the signified, influenced by the feministic ideas of writer: Mahasweta Devi

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