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The getaway | By Arundhati Sharma


Stuck in a limbo after our annual exams, I needed a break, anything that could get me out of Chandigarh. So, out of the blue, there was this call from a friend going on a trek to the Garhwal hills and wanted to know if I would like to tag along. After a long day of convincing, my parents finally gave it a nod. A trip to the Decathalon store was all I needed to get myself prepped. So, it wasn’t like the two of us were set about to doing it alone, we had 16 others with us. It was roughly a 65 km trek and from Uttrakhand we crossovered to Sangla (Kinnaur district). We were on that exquisite trail for seven days. While trying to lug that ancient rucksack of mine that weighed a total of 12 kilos (thanks to the gulkhand and ajwahin packed by my mother, worried about my moody gastric system), I made some great friends. One of whom later kind of ‘adopted’ me following the tantrums I flung, owing to the rucksack whose weight had bruised my flabby shoulders. The tents set up under the starry sky, no cellphone reception, some blissful solitude was all the wind I needed to blow away the staleness of my city life. After I had experienced my version of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, I made a pledge to stay away from all things materialistic. Then I somehow managed to lay my hands on surplus cash and an unrestrained shopping carnival followed, disregarding my earlier contemplation. The fact that I bought more hiking gear could be redeeming, I guess. Still, I want to head back to the hills and do some more walking meditation.


By – Arundhati Sharma

Deptt. Of Communication Studies

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