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The 8th of March


Girls from PU during NSS Camp Dec 2015

8th of March is more than a day on a calendar. It is a commemorative day of celebrating womanhood. This day is remarkable to applaud the indomitable spirit of women across the globe. But the question is -Who is a Woman? The simple and basic meaning ‘Adult Female’ cannot do justice. The word woman possesses something more than it in its gamut. She is equipped with the power to create, nurture and transform. The word brings with it a lot of archetypal images which have various connotations like selfless love, the nurturer and a symbol of sacrifice. She is a caring mother, obedient daughter, adoring sister and a dutiful wife. Woman is someone who stands in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way she adjusts her sails.

Women’s day celebration was ubiquitous at the onset of March only. Celebrations range from general festivity of respect, appreciation and love towards woman to remark women’s economic, political and social achievements showing their talent and capability, organizing seminars, delivering speeches or carrying out rallies.

All this is fine. But it is meaningless and futile to fix one day of the year and pay regard and pay reverence to them. Still women residing all around the globe are in continuous battle within the society. Then let’s talk about the day when after all this hype about women’s day subsides and she will be considered only second to men, second rate citizen or in most extreme cases like a doormat. The world still holds women who are illiterate, ignorant, victims of domestic violence and women who don’t live but only exist behind the four walls of the house. Customs and laws have also kept women out of the privileges, rights and public spheres leading to their subordination. When the miserable lives of these unidentified women will change or transform.

Does the 8th of March hold significance for them? No, the answer comes in shout outs. Hope the day will soon arrives for them soon when she will be clothed in strength and dignity and she will smile without fear of the future and sails towards true women empowerment.

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