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Tea is not Everyone’s Cup of Tea


Tea is kick! Tea is a liquid hug! Tea is healing.


But, Westernization has empowered us so much that coffee is being termed ‘Drink of the Time’. People are seen tensing their eyebrows when asked for a warm tea (probably to display their self possessed standards) and exclaiming, ‘Who drinks tea?’ ( As if offered a bitter water) and say , “We like Coffee.”


Where Tea is the kick start of every morning;  The Bed Tea.  Rainy days and a cup of tea in hand with pakoras is unbeatable. Can any other beverage replace it?


I wonder why it is underestimated by the younger generation who express a discontent when offered tea which is has a plethora of varieties like ginger tea, masala tea, tulsi tea and green tea ( The tea in vogue ).


Tea should not be ignored and also belittled at all. It is a magical drink which can make you feel good. Tea is bit of a joy and spreads love. No party or gathering is complete without tea.


Tea is an imaginary voyage navigating through the normality. It’s a liquid wisdom and one can boast – Where there is tea there is hope!


Tea though ridiculed by those who are naturally coarse in their nervous sensibilities will always be the first beverage of the intellectual.


And that proves Tea is not everyone’s Cup of Tea.



About the Author:-

Ziart Priya Kaur Kaila

M.A. English,Writer, Traveler, Keen Reader and admirer of wit and sarcasm.

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