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A prize in words to ‘The Pahari Project’.


The nation is alarmingly going under roil and boil of fulmination. Somewhere for freedom of expression, somewhere for caste protection and somewhere for religion. Blames on government and claims of rights have been trending from print to broadcast. It seems no solution. Politics, society and incentiveness have always been my most liked essence. Just a few days back, i was ...

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जाट आरक्षण का राजनीति-अर्थशास्त्र


(This article was written in 2012) आरक्षण पर राजनीति का बाजार एक बार फिर गर्म है। हरियाणा के हिसार जिले में जाट समुदाय आरक्षण की मांग करते हुए सड़कों पर उतर आया है। आरक्षण की मांग पर अब तक दो नवयुवक अपनी जान भी गवां चुके हैं। जिसके विरोध में हुए हिंसक प्रदर्शनों में काफी सार्वजनिक और निजि सम्पत्ति सवाह ...

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Interactive Session with AAP leaders H.S. Phoolka and Raghav Chadha @PU Chd PART-2


PART- 2  FULL COVERAGE of the Interactive Session with H.S. Phoolka on Social Activism and Politics held at Law Auditorium in PU Chandigarh. Questions and Answer session was very successful and H S Phoolka invited students to be courageous and ask any kind of question. After the event, He also visited the Law department Canteen and share a cup of ...

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