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Yes… I abhor Indira Gandhi…You know why?


Yes… I abhor Indira Gandhi…You know why? Although counted among the most charismatic leaders, Indira Gandhi was labeled as a ‘Dumb doll’ when she stepped into the political arena. But, proving everyone wrong she acquired the status of ‘Iron Lady’. Indira’s name was also associated with various controversies and the stains are so deep that it still haunts even after ...

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When University goes without…Wifi


When University goes without…Wifi   A day with no Wifi seems like a long drawn out period to the students at Panjab University campus. Atmosphere goes tense and restless countenances are seen all through the floors at A.C. Joshi library and hostels.   Persistent complaints are lodged at reception ‘wifi kyu nhi chl rha’ (why is wifi not working), students ...

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