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Yes… I abhor Indira Gandhi…You know why?


Yes… I abhor Indira Gandhi…You know why? Although counted among the most charismatic leaders, Indira Gandhi was labeled as a ‘Dumb doll’ when she stepped into the political arena. But, proving everyone wrong she acquired the status of ‘Iron Lady’. Indira’s name was also associated with various controversies and the stains are so deep that it still haunts even after ...

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7 Reasons- Why Paper books still reign?


E-books have benefits in its domain- accessibility with the click, less cost, empowering ‘Green mentality’ and more materialistically a way to save money. But, We cannot proclaim of E-books overtaking print. A print has a territory of its own and which can never be invaded by E-books. Paper books are ‘sacred’. Paper books provide us with the pleasure of easy ...

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