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Those Dark Moments


  You left me somewhere in the darkness… The darkness- which was destroying me. The darkness- which was haunting me.   One day, when I contemplated on this darkness, I realize…   It was not the “darkness” that was destroying me, It was not the “darkness” that was haunting me…   It was my lack of understanding.   The obscurity ...

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The Past | Short Film | Vipul vJ Jaidka Film |


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Why Only P.U. ?


Why Only P.U. ? I can recall a string of words which were once uttered by my friend. Those words fit into me like a hook into eye. “Yaar P.U. de ta nazaare e vakhre ne.” I was indifferent to the statement made by her because at that time I was being entertained by university’s favour. But today, when I ...

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Report Card | Divyanshu Budhiraja | Panjab University | Campus TV

campus tv

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