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Why Only P.U. ?


Why Only P.U. ? I can recall a string of words which were once uttered by my friend. Those words fit into me like a hook into eye. “Yaar P.U. de ta nazaare e vakhre ne.” I was indifferent to the statement made by her because at that time I was being entertained by university’s favour. But today, when I ...

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7 Reasons- Why Paper books still reign?


E-books have benefits in its domain- accessibility with the click, less cost, empowering ‘Green mentality’ and more materialistically a way to save money. But, We cannot proclaim of E-books overtaking print. A print has a territory of its own and which can never be invaded by E-books. Paper books are ‘sacred’. Paper books provide us with the pleasure of easy ...

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Are we hooked on Quacks?


Are we hooked on Quacks?   Then my friend breathed his last and his dejected mother exclaimed ‘Eh sabh angrezi davaiyan krke hoya’ (all this happened because of medicines). ‘Had his father paid heed to my advice, Babaji (quack) would have saved my son.’   My friend was suffering from brain tumor and his mother an irrational and groundless lady ...

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