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Like any other day, I started my day with a cup of coffee
and facebook. Scrolling down picture of couples, selfies and
useless page posts I came across various people in profile
appreciating a movie name chauthi koot and everyone was
positive about it. But one thing that catch my eyes was that
most of the people were saying that we should promote these
kind of art films. I asked myself what they mean by these
kind of art films??? Are they referring to it as something
out of context or something very different than usual films
we watch. So instead of speculating my mind I decided to go
there and watch it. As usual I opened bookmyshow and
strangely there was only one show for this much acclaimed
movie as compared to other films which looked far less
interesting but I won’t comment on them. So,obviously I had
to get there on time.

When I entered the hall there were
only 20 to 25 people sitting but when 1 hour of movie was
over I could see only 15 people in the hall. But I didn’t
cared about them much and continued to watch the movie. I
could hear some couples laughing with each other like they
are here to only enjoy the darkness not the movie. When the
movie was over I could hear some people saying “what the
heck was that?”. I simply walked out of the theater without
thinking to much about the movie as even I was taking time
to digest what I have seen. While eating my aloo tikki
burger at Mcd I thought why the guy said “what the heck was
that?”. I came to a conclusion that maybe he didn’t
understood the layers in movie or maybe he didn’t like the
ending. But I thought Cm on I am being too intellectual
about it.

In India there is a saying that”jo dikhta hai wo
bikta hai” but jo nahi dikhta uska kya. In this digital age
our attention span is becoming less and less. We need things
then & there. Our appetite is being satisfied right now
whenever we need it. Whenever we feel hungry we have access
to maggi or obviously we can call domino z, whenever we are
short of knowledge we can refer Google, Whenever we are
missing someone we open facebook. This culture is reflecting
in the cinema also.

The fight is not about promoting art
film and criticizing commercial film every time. Not every
art film is a good film and not every commercial film is a
bad film. I personally never cared about these technical
terms. I think film is a film whether art or commercial, it
is just one of examples of our love to divide things into
categories just like cast,religion, countries and list goes
on. The thing that matter is film should be good and
question is whether every good film can perform commercially
well. Chauthi koot is a very thought out film. It requires
patience, sensitivity and feelings to understand. Unlike
most of today’s films where in every scene director pan
camera around with flashy characters and heavy music in
background every scene in chautikoot is very well executed.
There is a proper start & end to every scene.


You can feel the village, railway station, inside of train and characters
in it and it is only possible when all the aesthetics of
space & time are coherent in nature. It actually makes you
forgot that there is camera involved. Chauthi koot is not
following any definite set of storyline pattern that is
involved in most of the films where you can see a crazy
start, a good climax and then happy ending neither it is
pointing out any difference between good and bad like a hero
or a villain. This is the strength of the movie that it is
not deliberately trying to point out anything, it doesn’t
have any villain or hero.

In life feelings which contain love, hate, respect,care, doubt or anger are very sensitive
& personal to every human being. To portray such emotions in
exact manner on to the screen is equally difficult. I won’t
decide whether it is a good film or bad film because I would
like you all to watch it and then decide. Actually life is
more than just good or bad, I would say instead of worrying
about good or bad, just enjoy the experience when you will
be watching it. I wont assure you that you will like it, but
I can assure you the cinematic experience it will provide
you. Try to find out the layers, the sensitivity,emotions,
fears like you go through in everyday life because we can’t
see these feelings in physical we can only feel it and to
feel it we need good cinema. Go and watch it in theaters. If
it is not in theaters anymore, Torrentz is back after a week
of shutdown.



Reviewed by : Mr. Vishwas Sharma

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