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Tea is not Everyone’s Cup of Tea


Tea is kick! Tea is a liquid hug! Tea is healing.   But, Westernization has empowered us so much that coffee is being termed ‘Drink of the Time’. People are seen tensing their eyebrows when asked for a warm tea (probably to display their self possessed standards) and exclaiming, ‘Who drinks tea?’ ( As if offered a bitter water) and ...

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Why you bother about people?


Why you bother about people? Don’t be so soft hearted (Yrr tu loka di tension eni kyu lena, ena naram dil nhi hoida); Nobody will ask you dear (veere tenu kise ne nhi puchna) are the common phrases which a sensitive person hears usually. But who are sensitive? Sensitive people radiate traits of helpfulness, generosity and ‘A friend in need ...

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