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sukhdeep’s sagacity

I -Your victim or your conqueror?


Who am I? A diamond….. That does not shine.   An ember… That is still smouldering.   A bird… Without wings.   What is my identity?   I am darkness. Darkness… That has its own radiation.   I am a lioness. A lioness… Who preys, and is being preyed.   I am a lotus. Lotus… That blooms but in mud. ...

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Those Dark Moments


  You left me somewhere in the darkness… The darkness- which was destroying me. The darkness- which was haunting me.   One day, when I contemplated on this darkness, I realize…   It was not the “darkness” that was destroying me, It was not the “darkness” that was haunting me…   It was my lack of understanding.   The obscurity ...

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I am just confined to my room. As if…… Certain pains have hugged me tightly, And those pains are not letting me go….   I too want to free myself from their clutches. As if…… Some unknown strength has hold me rigidly, And that strength is not setting me free…..   What if……? Had I forgotten you, Life would have ...

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Why do we Survive, and not; Live?


  I don’t know how to commence.…. The perception of life and the understanding of its implications are always at variance. Some people apprehend life in the wake of philosophy, and others, in the light of theology. Why is there a need to turn to ontology and institution to discern the significance of life? Discourses are created and can be ...

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Why Only P.U. ?


Why Only P.U. ? I can recall a string of words which were once uttered by my friend. Those words fit into me like a hook into eye. “Yaar P.U. de ta nazaare e vakhre ne.” I was indifferent to the statement made by her because at that time I was being entertained by university’s favour. But today, when I ...

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Are we hooked on Quacks?


Are we hooked on Quacks?   Then my friend breathed his last and his dejected mother exclaimed ‘Eh sabh angrezi davaiyan krke hoya’ (all this happened because of medicines). ‘Had his father paid heed to my advice, Babaji (quack) would have saved my son.’   My friend was suffering from brain tumor and his mother an irrational and groundless lady ...

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