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The 8th of March


Girls from PU during NSS Camp Dec 2015 8th of March is more than a day on a calendar. It is a commemorative day of celebrating womanhood. This day is remarkable to applaud the indomitable spirit of women across the globe. But the question is -Who is a Woman? The simple and basic meaning ‘Adult Female’ cannot do justice. The word ...

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Big Fat Punjabi Weddings


Big fat weddings are hallmark of Punjabi’s .A lavishly decorated venue, loud music, plethora of dishes and some gunshots in the air are indicators of a successful wedding celebration. These days marriage expenses run into lakhs. Preparations start months before the marriage. Bountiful amount is spent on apparels, trappings, lehngas, sherwanis etc. Brides spend lakhs on her wedding lenhgas just ...

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Thoughtless Thoughts!


  Sometimes I think why do I think? Consequently, pressing my feeble mind upon this ridiculous idea, I think how not to think. The more I think not to think the more I happen to think. What’s more, the things I think more than often require absolutely no thinking on my part. But then, when I’m consciously aware of futility ...

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