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Big Fat Punjabi Weddings


Big fat weddings are hallmark of Punjabi’s .A lavishly decorated venue, loud music, plethora of dishes and some gunshots in the air are indicators of a successful wedding celebration. These days marriage expenses run into lakhs. Preparations start months before the marriage. Bountiful amount is spent on apparels, trappings, lehngas, sherwanis etc. Brides spend lakhs on her wedding lenhgas just to wear it for one time!!!(viyaah kehda roj-roj hona). 

Venues look like flower gardens to create a pomp view. Pivotal thing in big fat Punjabi weddings is “FOOD”. Goodness of marriage depend upon the food because Punjabi love food more than anything. The catering rates per plate are high. Trend is to have number of sweets along with enormous number of cuisines like Mexican, Chinese, Thai and Italian and lots of food gets wasted. Heart throbbing voice of DJ makes it impossible for you to listen to the person in your proximity.

Despite of all these, lakhs are spend on photography, proffesional photographers being hired from abroad to capture pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding elated moments. While men spend most of time discussing different matters and drinking alcohol, our gossip queens do not let a single moment to waste. Gossiping about suit of Mrs. Maan and diamond jewellery of Mrs. Gill. Muster discuss about “dowry” and main question is “Car kehdi diti aa jawai nu”? Hardly for 5 hours a marriage lasts for which Punjabis spent lakhs even crores of rupees. One with highest spent rate is considered as the best one.


One thing to ponder upon is “Is there any need to spend recklessly on marriage?”. Opulent people who afford to spend, set a precedent and those who can not follow it, feel inferior and envious.




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