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Live Panjab University Student Election Updates 2017

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Punjab govt. enhance the grant for Panjab University from 26cr to 33cr.


Fianace minister Punjab S. Manpreet S Badal announced the budget in which Punjab govt. enhance the grant for Panjab University from 26cr to 33cr. # As per the promises by Punjab govt finaly the grant has been increased and is appreciable.   #Nishant Kaushal On the behalf of council I welcomes the decision of increase of fund of Punjab govt ...

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5 Reasons why you must watch Nikka Zaildar


    1. Family movie- It’s a family movie with welcoming all the families to watch giving you the picture of frequent hilarious frequent brawls and colloquial laughter. 2.It showcases a beautiful love story. Nikka Zaildar and Manraj Kaur are two cute little love birds constantly struggling and finding ways to get their approved. But the worst happens when a ...

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Winter is coming


Winter is coming, Hail the hail   Falling snow and freezing temperature Wildly blizzards and snowy caricatures   Momentary days Forging translucent vistas Fleeting nights, frightful skies Damning the towered lights   Winter is coming Hail the Hail   Sun is late, Brawling with the fog Rowdy blizzards Acting like a glare’s clog   Blocked roads and grounded flights Plants ...

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Who is afraid of our young leaders?


Article 19, of the Indian constitution imparts all the Indian citizens with the fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression and right to form associations and unions. Gone are the times when politics was assumed to be the play of senior and middle-aged citizens. India is the world’s largest democracy, but still in some states, including- Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, ...

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I -Your victim or your conqueror?


Who am I? A diamond….. That does not shine.   An ember… That is still smouldering.   A bird… Without wings.   What is my identity?   I am darkness. Darkness… That has its own radiation.   I am a lioness. A lioness… Who preys, and is being preyed.   I am a lotus. Lotus… That blooms but in mud. ...

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“Current West Asian Cold War and its impacts on India”

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सुनो…. अच्छा ही तो है कि तुम स्कूल से सीधे जन्नत चले गए हो शायद स्कूल से बेहतर जगह जन्नत ही हो सकती है… वो आतंकवादी कितने सभ्य थे जिन्होंने तुम्हारे कोमल शरीरों पे कुछ लोहा दागकर तुम्हें जन्नत भेज दिया… अगर तुम यहीँ रहते तो पता है हम तुम्हारे साथ क्या करते???? अरे नहीँ नहीँ… हम तुम्हें मारते नहीँ…. ...

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The getaway | By Arundhati Sharma


Stuck in a limbo after our annual exams, I needed a break, anything that could get me out of Chandigarh. So, out of the blue, there was this call from a friend going on a trek to the Garhwal hills and wanted to know if I would like to tag along. After a long day of convincing, my parents finally ...

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कभी कभी दिल करता है | By Ankita


कभी कभी दिल करता है माँ के आँचल मे छुप जाऊँ मीठे मीठे सपनो की सैर कर आऊँ पर इस उम्र ने मुझसे वो हक़ छीन लिया उस आँचल से दूर रहने पर मजबूर के दिया कभी कभी दिल करता है दादू से परियों की कहानियाँ सुनू राजकुमार ओर राजकुमारी के सुखी जीवन के सपने बूनू पर जब आता है ...

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Naval Deep is back | firing incident in Panjab university | Exclusive Interview


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