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Are we hooked on Quacks?

Are we hooked on Quacks?



Then my friend breathed his last and his dejected mother exclaimed ‘Eh sabh angrezi davaiyan krke hoya’ (all this happened because of medicines). ‘Had his father paid heed to my advice, Babaji (quack) would have saved my son.’


My friend was suffering from brain tumor and his mother an irrational and groundless lady was indulged in taking him to charlatans or tantrics. Although he was taken to hospital when he reached a dire stage by his father but all the efforts proved futile.


That Lively Soul lost his life, family his only son and I …. my dear friend.


But, have we ever given a thought to these irrational and illogical practices evading our minds and we are thoroughly immersed in the superstitions and credulities even in the 21st century. They are the false faith healers. We often notice that people go after imposters to amend their health and the fortunes of their life. In lieu of ameliorating their health, they make it even worse. It is of no surprise that the educated ones are seen exclaiming ‘Oh! You are suffering from such and such ailment. Please go to the doctor visit XYZ saint; you’ll definitely get good results.’


These practices are not just limited to health issues. It has an enormous gamut. Quacks are visited and consulted by people for raising their money, increasing their job pursuits, fortune boosting, matrimonial and progeny issues.


Being a responsible citizen of India why not bring a change in our perspective? These Quacks are leading our country to a place where there is no science and reason and only a pitch dark din.




About Author:


Sukhdeep Kaur

M.A., M. Phil (English)  

Bio —- Sociable, interested in playing with signifiers and the signified, influenced by the feministic ideas of writer: Mahasweta Devi


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