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A prize in words to ‘The Pahari Project’.

The nation is alarmingly going under roil and boil of fulmination. Somewhere for freedom of expression, somewhere for caste protection and somewhere for religion. Blames on government and claims of rights have been trending from print to broadcast. It seems no solution. Politics, society and incentiveness have always been my most liked essence.

Just a few days back, i was sent a Youtube link by my good friend Sunny Chauhan to field my vision on it. It was a english song video. My first view was on the other way, then, I replayed it and heard the concoction of western and pahari folk song. It was undiluted, giving new strength and beautiful. I played it again and again and again. A remarkable artistic flair and a commendable stroke of genius. Believe me, It is a marvel to ears.

The effort of the team is not mere to put it into a businesslike bracket but the intent,which is layered with ethics, carrying the pahari philosophy forward and giving new height to the culture and traditions. The venture monikered as ‘The Pahari Project’ came up with their very first unescorted melody. The song called ‘Dhattu’ is ruling my playlist on iPod and on my cellphone and surprisingly my mind too.

I am not advocating a write up for the band or the authority behind it. This is just an appreciating call and nothing else. By keeping all the elements in mind the brainchild behind ‘The Pahari Project’, Lalit Chaudhary, who basically hails from Delhi and lived his teenage in Himachal, got inspired by the pahari music during is school days.

The fellow had some other plans. He went back to his desk and unearthed some vital changes. The thought striked- ‘Why not to dress it up in western shade’ and when all is said and done it worked marvellously. So the effort was meant to give a twenty-first-century focus without interrupting the aboriginal ethnicity of the music. The song ‘Dhattu’ is a call for mother whose son is studying very far from her. He is pining to go back to her, to embrace her and wants to tell that she is his faith, hope and her love is inestimable. ‘Dhattu’ is a vernacular word of hill state which is a scarf donned by married females. It reflects his love for the mother.

Himachal Pradesh, erstwhile a princely region and came into Indian domain in  in 1948 as a Chief Commissioner’s Province is quite august for its flora, fauna, culture and rich traditions. People have kept their body and soul together with the luxury of customs which are as old as the hills of the state. Honest-to-goodness, the real essence of pahari music can be seen in tribal areas or in villages only. But as the saying goes – ‘Change is the law of nature’. Digital age is crawling to the dim and distant areas and people are too getting acquainted to it. So the change is inevitable. The effort is undisputedly laudable.


Kudos! Lalit.

You brought my house down.



Sharing the link – Do watch.



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