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7 Reasons- Why Paper books still reign?


E-books have benefits in its domain- accessibility with the click, less cost, empowering ‘Green mentality’ and more materialistically a way to save money. But, We cannot proclaim of E-books overtaking print. A print has a territory of its own and which can never be invaded by E-books. Paper books are ‘sacred’.

Paper books provide us with the pleasure of easy and comfortable reading being portable and don’t rely on power. Also, the eyes and brain don’t mush up and it is easier to absorb. Readers say “My spatial memory works best” and “It’s easier to locate where I was”. They are real and tangible, unique and bound and not a lifeless steely contraption holding good vibes and thrill.

Paper books give us library and bookshops. It is an enjoyable experience to visit the books store, exploring them and trading with friends. Paper books provide employment to an innumerable people. There wouldn’t be librarians and publishers or distributors.

There is a different sensation of pulling a book off the shelf and being engrossed in its pages. The smell of new book and old musty smell is worth engaging. Readers say “The scent is amazing”. The books lend a feeling of pride ad flutter when we show the stash of books on the bookshelf- “Look I have more than 100 books”

Body and mind show more propensity towards concrete and physical books and we instinctively show affinity to them. . “Looks like content sticks in my head more easily.”

Paper books have annotations and own handwriting anywhere close to personal and ‘Charm of actually turning the pages.’

Paper books are invaluable and timeless gifts. A birthday friend exclaiming “Oh! I was thinking of buying this book” can make your friendship stronger.

Also, the gratification of finishing the book and closing it is incomparable with ‘swiping and scrolling through the last pages of the book.’

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 Hameeta Kaur Malhotra,(M.A. English) ,An avid reader, Writer, Foodie,Lover of Literature and Linguistics and Sarcasm,Observant and Speculative

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