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5 Reasons why you must watch Nikka Zaildar



1. Family movie- It’s a family movie with welcoming all the families to watch giving you the picture of frequent hilarious frequent brawls and colloquial laughter.


2.It showcases a beautiful love story. Nikka Zaildar and Manraj Kaur are two cute little love birds constantly struggling and finding ways to get their approved. But the worst happens when a proposal arrives for Manraj Kaur from a boy from Canada or I must say (Kanedda).


3. Humor- Humor is the essential aspect in the movie that drives the movie forward. The ‘Desi Punjabi or the Theth Punjabi’ language surronds the movie with little short elements or wit and humor. ‘Pinkaeria’, ‘Everything Gulabi’, ‘Patase lene ha’, ‘ Chuhe vangu khudd putan lga’ , ‘Hostel as Haspatal’, ‘Letters by Shanti’, ‘Munda k amrood ha’, ‘Kahli Baali rehndi ha’ etc etc. chuckles the audience till the end.


4. Songs- ‘Mini Cooper’ the soul song of the movie is a must watch. The music resonates and intensifies the movie. Other songs like ‘Lagdi na Akh’, ‘Pyar bina’ and ‘Bolane di Lodd nahin’ are worth watching.




5. Last but not the least, the character of ‘Bebe’ (Nirmal Rishi) is heart and the soul of the movie. Infact the power pack. Cheers to her wonderful acting. She is breaking all the stereotypes and is being portrayed as a dominating woman who directs the family with her own rules. Her conversations with hen pecked husband – ‘Na tu mere nal nhana’ , ‘E ta dunn watta bani betha’ , ‘Na tenu godi na chkla’ are the guffaws. Her constant nagging with Karamjit Anmol labeling him as ‘100 kutea da kuta’  and ‘Ki jhakda bittr bittr’ are highly applauded.


Bebe is indeed the spark of the movie.


Watch it! Love it!



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